Benefits of working with us

Excellent rates of pay.

Work in both the NHS and the private sector.

Use your compliant Umbrella company of choice.

Stay on our PAYE payroll if you don’t want to use Umbrella companies.

We can support payment of DBS, Training, Uniforms etc.

Out of Hours team so you can always reach us.

Attractive refer a friend scheme.

Dedicated consultants committed to work with and for you.

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Payroll Guide

We know that getting paid on time and getting paid right is crucial. So we work with you in your first week and thereafter to ensure getting paid is never a problem. We also recognise that sometimes you need the money earlier than the payroll run and we support that.

Ensure we receive your authorised timesheet by 6pm Monday. Timesheet should be fully completed to avoid rejection.

Send your timesheets to Make sure each timesheet image you send is very clear and a page on its own rather than multiple pages of the same document.

If your timesheet is received by Monday 6pm and is fully completed, funds will be paid to your beneficiary account to credit on Friday morning.

Ensure you have advised of us of your Umbrella company before you submit your 1st timesheet. Alternative we can pay you PAYE in which case we will need your bank details.

Always use the latest copy of our timesheet available on the website to avoid delay of payment.

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Training & Revalidation

Revalidation will give greater confidence to the public, employers and fellow professionals that nurses and midwives are up to date with their practice.

The purpose of revalidation is to improve public protection by making sure that nurses and midwives continue to be fit to practise throughout their career.

Nurses and midwives should stay up to date in their professional practice. They need to develop new skills, keep informed on standards and understand the changing needs of the public they serve and fellow healthcare professionals with whom they work.

MedPure is able to offer a revalidation service to nurses in order to help them through the process to ensure you can remain compliant. You can speak to your dedicated consultant for more information on this service.


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